CF (ASIA) Pharma Co. Ltd., established in 1998, a wholly owned

subsidiary of CF Global Investment Group, our mission is to develop new cancer therapy & targeting agents capable of changing the medical management of significant, chronic human diseases by identifying the first stages of pathological change, potentially assisting in earlier diagnosis, and better management and development of new therapies.



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Asia Pacific Presence   Clinical Trial

Molecular Imaging

Brain Imaging

*** Position Available:

  1. 1.Clinical Trial Doctor ; Registered Medical Doctor in Hong Kong required

  2. 2.Pharmacist

  3. 3.Regulatory Affair Director ; Asia Pacific Role

  4. 4.Sales Manager

  5. 5.Sales Representative

*** Interested candidates please submit CV to


last update 2013DEC


United behind the effort of creating knowledge, CF (ASIA) staff are part of a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. They strive toward excellence on the job, through teamwork and individual contributions, knowing that what they do supports significant research, education and  continuous growth in business.

In turn, CF (ASIA) strives to help its employees cultivate their talents and realize their aspirations. With an array of programs designed to help staff members move forward in their jobs and careers, CF (ASIA) extends its culture of excellence to the entire workforce.